Techno Bicon

Techno Bicon is one of the 5 companies of Euroget Group.

Euroget Group plans for an investment, with pushing high vision investments until 2023, to reclaim land follow the pattern of organic farming in the new project in the eastern area of the River Nile of Beni Suef on a total of 2,000 acres as a first phase.

The aim is to raise a community based on Non- Traditional agricultural Products (NTAP) for human use and for Agri- industrialization, efforts are being exerted to boost cooperation and lure investments in agriculture in various products.

The land follows the pattern of organic farming in the new project in the eastern province of Beni Suef on an area of 2,000 acres.

The company got the approval to start activity, the company also got Executive Approval Decree No. 85/ 2017 for the allocation of land.

Egypt imports oils by 95% from abroad, and the need for the cultivation of oil crops for expansion in the production of oils locally, and gradually reduces the import.

Techno Bicon & Development has grown some traditional crops such as eggplant, peppers, lemon, olive, wheat…etc., using organic farming technique which Lessen the residual pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and replaces organic fertilizer or «compost».

The company targets the cultivation of agricultural crops, such as non-traditional "cassava" one of the most important commercial crops in the tropics, to require no great care after planting, and at the same time will be given a bigger harvest of starch that can be consumed in various purposes such as animal feed, as well as castor oil, which is natural oil obtained from the castor seed, castor oil is a fatty oil extracted from castor beans by pressing followed by solvent extraction. In earlier days castor oil was used primarily for medicinal purposes for constipation. Now today’s era these products are found to have widespread applications in industries like agricultural, cosmetics, rubber, food, paper & inks, perfumery, electronics & telecommunications, paints, pharmaceuticals etc.
Also Euroget plans to cultivate "quinoa", one of export crops for higher nutritional value, and the company is studying the cultivation of castor crop, the importance of the resulting oils worldwide.

“Quinoa” has the support of the Food and Agriculture Organization «FAO» to reduce dependence on wheat as its main product in the food, which makes the chances are high exports, the company aims to export its products to Europe,

The company is interested to work in the non-traditional crops because of its global importance, as well as being in line with the desert climate, in terms of water scarcity.