Euroget De- Invest S.A

Manage & operate Transactions

EDI s.a Joint Stock Company with a Capital of 370 Million E.P (=62.0 Million U.S.Doll) established 2002
Funded by several Egyptian & European businessmen
Managing & Operating business & transaction between the group & its affiliated companies worldwide through strong & effecient management network under the group umbrella.
Main activites are Project's Managment, Miniral Resources, Petroleum & Gas and Financing of Turnkey projects.
Last recapitalization announced in Nov., 2009.

Expanding business portfolio

Own & Operate Gold Refinary in Ghana
International banks & international investors to participate in project's Finance.
Awarded right to manage Turnkey Project's Guarantee Worldwide.
Trade Oil and operating the Biofuel & Biomass for producing Power Energy.

Promoter & Financing arrangement

Management & financing two Governmental major projects in Africa with budget of US$ 1.42 Billion.
Gold Cost Refinery (Ghana) - Kotoka Airport
Clean Energy and Biofuel
Alexandria New City

ECOWAS Project

One of the biggest projects in West Africa jointly with Venture Capital & Management investor leaded by First Class International Banks (0.7 billion US Dollars) and that was secured by the Suverign Guarantee excution by International Sub-Contractors of Euroget.

Other Agreements

Several Agreements in the field of Clean Energy, Regional & District, Hospitals as well as prefabricated buildings, Power Plants, Agricultural Development & Fire equipments & Cement factories.


Outstanding activities to our clients.
Development & financing services.
Developing vision to values.
Partnership with economic life & community services.
Maintain ownership interests in large industrial projects.
Develop strong infrastructure in relation to water, sewage, transportation and Telecommunication sectors.
Provide & secure premier financing, raising capitals & export credits.
Enhance & develop privatization projects.


Through our highly experienced management & expertise, we built up strong name.
We are not only managing projects but also offering financial package.
We also follow modern theories of management include DO- CHECK – ACT, through professional planning and execution of our plan.
For big projects, we always work together as one team including not only planners, management, surveyors and contractors but also owners as part of the supervisory input.

We are capable to offer structural, civil, Geo-Environmental, Geo-technical engineering, as well as Project & construction management.
At the same time we provide financial terms, through first class international banks & Private investors (including Euroget Group) for short & or long term that also include Hospitals & Equipments.
We follow the FIDIC, (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) Contracts with our clients.

The Financing which arrange and lend by us and our investors, either Commercial or Concessional Fund, lending to finance projects according to high priority of the Governmental planning, in various sectors including Health, Education, Agricultural, Energy, Water & Sewerage projects and other projects making value addition for the country and develop the social level.

EUROGET DE-INVEST s.a have had Parliamentary Approval from the Republic of Ghana Parliament for Finance Design, Construct and Equip on Turnkey base One Military 500 Bed Hospital and Two Regional and Six District Hospital (Total 1350 bed).

The Fund for execution of this project had be secured via Privet Investment and guided by simplified procedure merged with flexible policies of a Democratic Government and transparent practices with International Insurance firms, all these factors together aimed to good execution of the project.

Investment of precious metal refining project in Accra Kotoka inter Airport (Republic of Ghana) in collaboration with local partners under the name (GOLD COAST REFINARY LIMITED), to Refine, Purchase & Export Gold in Ghana. The 360 Ton/2 shifts-day/year Fin Gold 99.99 / 99.999 is 114 Million USD. That was followed by Euroget Group investors Capacity of 600kg of fine Gold/Year.

Our highly experienced group is capable to provide Risk solutions, secure Finance to overseas clients (Kazakhstan, Algeria, Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, and other African Countries)

Along with Research Services & Management Consulting for several different projects, including cost effective, timely business plan & full market analysis.

Moreover we start with identification of generic investment ideas in different sectors that will be followed by studying the market, then preparation of feasibility study which will lead to securing Financing & Technical support through Strategic partners & Investors.


Our diversified activities in the construction sector in collaboration with highly reputable, market leaders and first class partners, managed to get involved in different activities, including Properties, Housing, Hospital Buildings, Railways, Ports, Airports & Road Constructions.

Moreover, Energy supply, Oil Refineries, public buildings, retail & leisure Industry & Commerce, as well as Trading, Financial support, & innovative projects is major part of our activities.

We are in the leading edge of International Construction Association to be on line with the millennium challenges. Our continuous improvement is part of our philosophy to achieve world class, with outstanding value throughout the world.

We are dedicated as a team working together to achieve our goals & meet our clients strategic values and requirements taking into consideration the innovations and the up to date standards.



We managed to establish strong and outstanding standards in that field, not only Hospitals but also Healthcare sector and Education.
We managed our contract with Republic of Ghana, including Private Financing, with Turnkey Project for Hospitals, as well as staff accommodation, Housing facilities and operation.

Developing, Design, Constructing, Operating & Permitting of Electrical Generating Plants, using Fossils or Alternative Fuels, as well as waste to Energy installation.

We work with the Internationally recognized Worldwide groups specialized in Power supply, as well leaders in Designing & Building Fossil fuelled generating Plants.

Fossil capabilities range from combustion turbines facilities to empowering older plants to solid fuel and gasification combined cycle.

The power line family of standard fossil designs combine the lowest possible capital & life cycle cost.

Prime responsibility for production of more than 2.5 Billion megawatt of Electricity.


Developing commercialized advanced technologies & technical management consultation in KEY INDUSTRIAL SECTORS.

Outstanding values in developing treatment technologies for NUCLEAR MATERIALS Engineering, Construction and start up of advanced Power Technologies.

Consortium of leadership group specialized in developing & demonstrating Advanced Transportation Technologies.


Healthcare treatment Technologies Electric Power & Natural Gas consulting, Planning & Operation, Energy management, services – policy, planning and implementation.

Resource management Integrated information system optimizing & planning Oil & Gas system planning strategy development & implementation, as well source allocation & ownership of operation.


The in depth knowledge of EUROGET GROUP experts is one of the key successful factors in implementation and execution of particular projects, Not only providing first class services, but also Reviewing & Executing, Designs, Engineering & Construction Services.

Over many years, projects have been successfully undertaken in different sectors, including Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food manufacturing & Processing, Electronics, Paper, Fiber Optics, Metallurgical and Mineral Processing.

We have established long outstanding experience through our participation in opencast coal mining, Oil & Gas Production, Gas desulphurization Technology. That gave us the experience in exploration, extraction and Refining of Precious Metals & Minerals all over the world.

We invested substantially in renewable & sustainable forms of Energy generation. It has pioneered design, manufacture & construct as well as operate, wind turbines, together with tidal, Geothermal & Biomass Energy schemes.

We got involved in Designing, Development & Manufacturing of wind turbine generators as part of major project for alternative energy supply that is for Commercial Electricity generation.

In our work we observe and implement the International rules and regulations for environmental control, to the extent that restoration of land to its former agriculture use around coal & mineral mines.


Our activities include not only government contracting, but also services for major government programs and further consultation.

We contracted with governments in many fields of activities, like (Engineering, construction, Project management & integrated governmental environmental solutions) & restoration.

Our technical services cover feasibility studies, operation of high technology facilities, design & build space launch facilities.


Facilities for light generation, heavy manufacturing industries including but not limited to microelectronic biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, auto motive, consumer products and pulp & paper technology and manufacturing.
Our Microelectronic capabilities include silicon wafer manufacturing, wafer fabrication, cphotomask, consumer electronics, semiconductor, and specially in gas & chemicals.
Our Biotechnology capabilities include fermentation & cell culture, diafiltration & ulteration, as well as plant & high purity utilities.
Our food & beverage capabilities include automation of canning, bottling and execution of manufacturing process through aseptic techniques including professional packaging.
Our Automotive manufacturing capabilities include full automation and control of material handling, waste stream management and painting & distribution.

Our consumer products capabilities include material handling, clean techniques, automation, merchandizing, distribution channels, shelving and advertising.
Our Pulp & paper capabilities include pulp mills, cartoons & MDF, recycling fibers & inner board.


Our Petrochemical experience including feasibility studies, economic studies, engineering work, procurement & construction, then project management, start up operation control, and environmental standards implementation. That also includes refineries, natural gas liquefaction, on shore & off shore facilities for oil & gas fields' development.

 This diagram shows the different products, which we are capable to produce in that industry.

That is suitable for vehicles with ICE (Internal Combustion engines).

Commonly referred to as Diesel Oil and suitable for High Speed Diesel Engines.

This is blend of Light Cycle Oil, Heavy Cycle & Clarified Oil.

That consists of Propylene & Butane.

This is Petroleum distillate used for cooking stoves, pressure pruners' & wick-fed lamps.

This is special grade of Kerosene with high specification.

This is Blend of Marine Mix lubricants & Gasoline.

Our services are not limited to the natural resources but also including alternative fuel industries, as well as Exploitation of Mineral resources in North, West & East Africa and Mediterranean countries.
Export of quartz, phosphate, feldspar, Zinc, Bauxite & other mineral products.

That new technique offers flexible, optimized design templates for Ethylene, polyethylene, polypropylene, chlorine, EDC/VCM, PVC, and LNG, and delayed cooking, Hydro Cracking and Sulphur, which result of dramatic reductions in cost and schedules.
We possess License proprietary Technologies for delaying cooking lube base Oils, Gas processing, TAME, and Sulphur / Hydrogen Sulphide.

We are jointly associated with International Gas transporters & companies; the main activity is purchasing and shipping LPG.

We serve the Mediterranean, Africa, and India & South East Asia.

We are developing our activities towards including both upstream and downstream with aim to start handling large volumes for Europe & Worldwide.


We are capable to build, service, monitor and maintain, Pipelines including, Oil, Natural Gas, Slurry, Multiphase and refined-products systems. That includes also feasibility studies, basic engineering designs, route location, surveying, right of way and fee land acquisition with more than 30 years of experience in that field. Even in difficult terrain – mountains, jungles & tundra.

In our practice, we manage to innovate procedures and new equipments to facilitate our work and to accelerate our job that will save time & money.

Our wide range of pipe lines materials & width from 40 to 500 mm with outside diameter of 48 – 508 mm and wall thickness from 4 – 16 mm. accordingly we can meet different requirement, (for offshore 16 mm thickness using high grade steel, at the same time reduce the pipe laying costs by supplying pipes lengths of up to 18 meters, that is to minimize the welding and other field cost requirements, like transportation and ensuring minimum friction inside the pipe, whether the liquid is natural, or gas, oil, or Petrol, inflammable liquids, pulverized or granules, drinkable or waste components.

The high frequency induction (HFI) welded steel pipe line will enable the convey of materials whether it is few hundred meters or hundreds of kilometers, that is quickly and reliably, with continuous flow during the whole day, whatever the weather is.


Our experience range from designing and constructing airports & ancillary facility, to applying innovative solutions in road building to rail, bridge & tunneling as well as RO – RO facilities, harbors, dry docks & offshore structures, that is worldwide with recognized reputation.

One of our major projects in the area is the Sea front of Alexandria.


We serve both Public & Private sectors in Telecommunication engineering, construction services, for wireless infrastructure, public switched telephone networks, fiber-optics networks, Hybrid – Fiber / Coaxial / Fiber System, Local Loops, Long Haul networks, local area networks & wide area networks.

Our capabilities include site acquisition, planning procurement, logistics support, design outside plants engineering, construction, and system integration. As well as Project management, testing, challenging and financing assistance.


Biomass sources of energy, such as fuel wood, alcohol fermented from sugar and combustible oils extracted from crops like (Rapeseed, Soya beans & Jatropha) can help cut greenhouse gas emissions, but only if vegetation used for the purpose is replaced by equal amounts of replanted vegetation so that the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) released by biomass combustion is recaptured through photosynthesis, this is the case of Jatropha, where that individual trees will produce oil seeds for up to 50 years.

JATROPHA AS ANY OTHER TREE ABSORBS Carbon from the atmosphere in form of CO2 to grow as tree and also to produce the oil bearing seeds. These seeds will be used to produce Biodiesel that will be used to substitute diesel produced from non-renewable fossil fuel (Petro diesel). This is considered a valid mechanism to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to continuous growing of trees and absorption of CO2.

We consistently recognized the importance of sustainability whether we are regenerating a brown field site, developing flood alleviation program or promoting low energy lighting as well sustainable materials for the building designs.

We have developed Quantitative Engineering Sustainability Tool, to measure & manage the key factors associated with sustainability during the development process.

We work closely with our customers that enable us to not only carry out our business in more sustainable way but also help in making further reduction in running costs.

We identify environmental economic factors in relation to social aspects as early as possible to design clean process with clear objectives.

We measure performance against objectives through DO-CHECK-ACT process

We are receiving positive feedback for that process from all of our clients worldwide.