Message from The Chairman

I humbly wish to welcome you for a quick tour of our highly esteemed company, EUROGET GROUP (EUROGET), established in 1981. Since its establishment, the core aim of the company, which was to engaged in specialized areas of commence, has evolved and expanded to varied fields of commerce, management, finance and construction.

The company was established as a partnership group and grew rapidly as a result of progressive expansion in varied fields of activities into a major Joint Stock Company in 2002.

Currently, the EUROGET five (5) well established subsidiaries companies in the areas of Contracting, Project Management, Consulting, Financing and other Financial Services, Mining Exploration and Refinery and Agricultural Development.

These subsidiaries are EUROGET DE-INVEST s.a, Bafis s.a for Venture Capital & Management, Gold Coast Refinery Ltd., Management Solution and Universal Energy s.a (MSUE) and EUROGET for Agricultural and land.

In Contracting, EUROGET is engaged in EPC 9 Hospitals contract Project in Ghana including credit supply and very competitive financing;

In Management Consulting, EUROGET is capable of designing, constructing, equipping, training and maintaining private and public projects using modern technology. EUROGET also engages in various form of Public–Private risk sharing arrangements in project implementation.

In Financial Services, EUROGET provides structured funding to both private and public sectors. EUROGET uses its expertise and wide network to arrange sophisticated financing scheme for its highly cherished clients.

In Mining, Exploration and Refinery, EUROGET’s major specialty is in Refining of Precious Metals, Euroget has valuated their investment in the Refinery of Gold Coast – 114 Million USD, the Refinery inauguration was in 11th Nov 2016, commencement of the first into operation has started in the first week of March 2017 for the annual capacity of fine gold production 360MT.

EUROGET is also engaged in various manufacturing products.

EUROGET is also invest in Agricultural and Agri-industry.

We sincerely cherish your dealing with us and will invite you to consider business relation with us in the above mentions fields of engagement. On behalf of EUROGET and o my own behalf I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year.

Further, after glancing through this brochure, we welcome your comments; suggestions and recommendation to enable EUROGET deliver a better service.

Thank you.
Said Deraz
Chairman C.E.O