Gold Refinery

Gold Coast Refinery Ltd. is positioned to be the first state-of-the-art gold refinery in West Africa. With a defined commitment to our clients worldwide, we invest in modern technology and equipment, empower expert personnel and develop comprehensive and efficient processes to transform raw materials into high quality branded goods. Strategically located in KIA Airport (Accra, Ghana), the refinery is set to promote strategic partnerships with mining companies throughout the region in an effort to boost the mining industry as well as improve people’s lives in Ghana.

As part of its strategic objectives, our Gold Refinery prides itself in providing superior customer service, superior product quality and a differentiated customer interaction guaranteed to enhance the image and businesses of our esteemed clients.

Gold Coast Refinery Ltd. is equipped to provide assaying, refining, bullion trading, gold jewellery manufacturing and wholesaling. With an initial expectant production capacity of 100 metric tons as well as 20 tons of jewellery on an annual basis, Gold Coast Refinery is positioned to be a first class contender in the mining industry.