Gold Coast Refinery ltd

Ghana is the largest Gold producer in West Africa with 70 T produced in 2003 & increased by 46% to 222,762 oz (6,929 kg)

Gold exploration and mining are the main focus of activities of the companies through the trust of current government policy which aims diversify the mineral production base of the country, which has been hinging on Gold and lesser extent Diamond, Manganese & Bauxite.

The charts show the importance of Gold as one of the most in demand precious metals.

The Government of Ghana, Ministry of Lands, and Forestry & Mines grants (GOLD COAST REFINERY Ltd). License for Establishing a Gold Refinery and Jewelry Plant in Accra – Ghana.

Tremendous efforts in that field in Ghana resulted to increasing the production to 2,822,933 oz of Gold equal 89.12 t annually.

The fact that Gold used to be shipped outside for refining, that created the idea of establishing refinery in Accra that will add tremendous values to the extracted Gold.

GOLD COAST REFINERY Ltd. is owned by the following:
* EUROGET DE-INVEST s.a, AND Bafis s.a, DERAZ Family
* Other Local and International Investors


Gold Coast Refinery Ltd. Is the first largest Gold Refinery in West Africa States and second largest in Africa, will strive to provide the highest quality standards with International Hall-Mark, Assaying, Refining, Bullion trading, Gold Jewellery Manufacturing & Wholesale.

The company provides cost effective products that improve the status of the mining companies & the people of Ghana.
The main goals & objectives making the first International Hall Mark Gold Refinery in Ghana and the sub – region to provide highest quality products with international Hall-Mark that conform to LBMA rules.

Thus the overriding strategic principles involve providing superior customer service, superior quality & customer differentiated services to the state, mining companies and indeed all clients.

The refinery involved the following:

First phase
Inauguration was done in 11th Nov. 2016) for Capacity of 600KG/Day (shift of 8 hours) (360 Ton fine Gold per year).
Acquisition of a modern Gold Refinery Plant and Machines for instillation for the purpose of refining Gold produced locally & in the sub region

The promoters of Gold Coast Refinery Ltd. possess extensive experience in the Gold Bullion Trading, refining & Gold Jewellery Manufacturing & wholesale. Also they have strong business & entrepreneurial skills & proven track record. This is in combination with EUROGET GROUP Management, will form highly respected group with very good business accomplishment & contribution in the International business world.

EUROGET GROUP HAS STRONG BUSINESS RELATION WITH GOVERNMENT OF GHANA as well successfully set up & operated number of projects in Egypt, China, France, Belgium, Spain & United Kingdom.

GOLD COAST REFINERY Ltd will enter into agreement with all its clients including the governments of West Africa, the first option to purchase or sell on behalf of the clients through the banks whom handle all the sales on behalf of GCR such as Societe General Bank, CAL Bank, First Capital Bank ….etc. For all the quantity refined with the international HALL MARK (99.99 & 99.999).

The Gold Refinery do the following:
* Assaying
* Refining
* Gold Bullion HM – Au METAL
* Branded products (international hallmark) 99.99
* Manufacturing Gold Jewellery for Wholesale 99.999

Second phase
Jewellery plant, establishing permanent Exhibition for the international Jewelleries fashion and African Gold art galleries.

Accra is the second Largest City in Ghana after Ashanti, with population of 2.9 million, which is stretched along the Atlantic Coast & north into the interior.
The Refinery is located in Kotoka International Airport ACCRA, very close to the International Airport. Linked with the Western Region of Ghana which has a very well developed mining operation with good access roads to Accra with major international mining company's infrastructure facilities and utilities services in the location area are of very high standards.

Gold Coast Refinery Ltd. anticipated that government would enter sign contract confirming the following support to the Refinery with International Hall-Mark in Ghana.
* Enter into supply agreement with Government of Ghana for the supply of at least their portion of Gold Produced in the country for refining.
* Government will support the exportation of Gold to be through GCER.
* Government only licensed Gold Coast Refinery Ltd since 2015 and will give free zone
* Government assists with the provision of a safe facilities, example with the Bank of Ghana for the refined Gold.

The division Refines materials containing precious metals, such as mining Ore, industrial scraps, discarded bars or any other type of substance containing precious metals, as long as recycling is economically worthwhile.