EUROGET Group has three established subsidiaries and offices in Europe and Africa specializing in the areas of International Trade, Project Management, Financial Services…

Euroget De- Invest S.A

DI s.a Joint Stock Company with a Capital of 370 Million E.P (=62.0 Million U.S.Doll) established 2002 Funded by several Egyptian

Gold Coast Refinery ltd

Gold Coast Refinery Ltd. Is the first largest Gold Refinery in West Africa States and second largest in Africa, will strive to provide the highest

Bafis S.A

BAFIS s.a Dealing as financial advisor and consultant that provide full, comprehensive & up to date services with correspondents throughout the World

Euroget Agriculture

Euroget Group plans for an investment, with pushing high vision investments until 2023, to reclaim land follow the pattern of organic farming

The EUROGET Group was established

as a partnership group in 1981 and rapidly developed into joint stock companies by 2002, as a result of our continuous and progressive expansion with our international network of partners.


The Gold Coast Refinery is a Ghanaian registered company and a subsidiary of Euroget Group in Egypt.

The Gold Coast Refinery Ltd was originally registered as Euroget Gold Refinery Ghana Ltd. in April 2013, but was renamed Gold Coast Refinery Ltd. in March 2015. The Refinery was inaugurated in Accra in November, 2016. The Gold Coast Refi nery is the fi rst state-of-the-art gold refi nery in West Africa and the second in Africa, after Rand Refinery located in South Africa.